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COVID-19 Update

Given the unprecedented situation we are all facing due to the Coronavirus NEDAC is changing the way we do things over the coming months. Our priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people we support and our staff.

All staff are now working from home and our office has closed. The way we are supporting people has changed.

We are making alternative arrangements for supporting people. Rather than meeting face-to-face we will be offering phone or text support

As our office is closed you can get in touch by E Mail:

We will continue to support people using our service to ensure they are following public health advice.

Our team will be contacting people directly with updates regarding their individual support.

Phone Contact During Coronavirus

The last few weeks have been hard for many people, but for anyone feeling anxious, stressed or depressed it has probably been very worrying.

Understandably, some people are worried about moving on to phone and video counselling as they are used to meeting face-to-face. We hope the following information will help to answer questions and ease any concerns

In times like these it's more important than ever to look after your mental health - please remember you're not alone and that we're here to help.
Our aim is to make your phone contact as easy as possible

Your worker will contact you on a regular basis, if there is no answer they will send a text to check in. You are able to contact your worker as required, if out of hours send text and they will get back to you the following day.

We would recommend that you find a quiet and comfortable place in your home where you are unlikely to be disturbed.

COVID-19 General Advice

The COVID-19 outbreak is a rapidly evolving situation. The Scottish Government, together with Health Protection Scotland, have already announced [and may announce further] a variety of containment or isolation advisories with implications for staff and people using services.

Social distancing is a measure you can take to reduce the social interaction between people which helps reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Social distancing can protect vulnerable groups such as people who use drugs and has been recommended by the government for all who can and strongly advised for people aged 70 or over, people with underlying medical conditions and pregnant women.

COVID-19 is new strain of coronavirus which is a type of virus that often causes flu like symptoms and can affect your lungs.

Typical signs and symptoms of COVID-19 include:
" high temperature or fever (37.8C or greater)
" a new continuous cough
" shortness of breath or breathing difficulties

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